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Nomadic State of Mind



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Slip it on and slip it off with ease.

The Slip On is a simple version of our rope sandals with an interwoven design, open toe and flat sole.

The Slip On features super soft rope, is light weight, vegan and machine washable.

 Added non-slip Vibram sole for extra gripe and support.


The rope is made from polypropene, a synthetic material that is extremely robust, making the sandals hard-wearing. PolyPro rope combines twist with durability and strength. The material flexes with your movements without stretching the sandal out of shape. Please note rope on soles with fray slightly with wear.


European Sizes

Care Information

Our rope sandals are machine washable and can be safely spun in your dryer, too. Colorfast dyes won’t fade in the wash. Or air-dry them for that all-natural vibe. Looks great on the beach, but avoid getting sandals wet

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