Growing up will never get old…It's movie night Friday. Early cartoons Saturday. Trampolining on mums bed. Stage diving off the couch. Losing teef and gettin’ new ones. Making forts out of stuff. Sliding down a steep grassy hill with your sister on your back. Foamie on the roof racks. Salt on your skin. Sand in your cozzie. Chips with chicken salt. Chocolate milkshakes, big ones. Sunnyboys. Mango juice dripping from your elbows. Street cricket. Slip ‘n’ slide.  Hide ‘n’ seek. Knock ‘n’ run. Marco Polo in your neighbour’s pool. Searching for cicadas. Doubling with dad on a moto. Tackle time. Giving your bro a hug (after you corked him). Trying to stay on Santa’s good list. Taking a sabbatical on the naughty list. Storybooks; the classics. Colouring outside the lines. Making stuff. Cutting stuff. Breaking stuff. Never owning up. Ever.

We’re for the kids flying the
 free spirit flag. We believe life is for living. It’s for wearing your Sunday best on Monday. It’s for anyone who’s up for it, whatever it may be. 
It’s for kiddy livin’.