We called up Madeleine from The Authentik and asked her to come have a rummage through our racks and piece together some of her favourite Autumn/Winter pieces..

Isla wears Knap Originals Tee, Ultra Violet Kids RomperHe and Her The Label Leggings

Archie wears Vintage Denim, Munster Kids Pants

Isla wears Ultra Violet Kids Top, Feather Drum Skirt.

Olive wears Ultra Violet Kids bloomers, Feather Drum Top

Kiki wears Popupshop Top, Featherdrum Pants

Tiko wears Ultra Violet Kids Jacket

Archie wears Fallen Broken Street Kids Beanie

Kiki wears Popupshop jumper

Isla wears handmade knit, He and Her the Label leggings, Vans Shoes

Kiki wears Featherdrum top, Ultra Violet Kids L/S, Vintage Denim Jeans

Creative - Madeleine Chard |@ The Authentik
Photography - @Knapcreative
Models - Kiki, Isla, Archie, Tiko, Cash & Olive
Product - Popupshop Munsterkids Featherdrum Ultra Violet Kids
Fallen Broken Street Kids Vintage Denim 
He and Her The Label Vans



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Jun 04, 2021


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